Kohlette, AKA "Missing" is a combination of a toilet and a pony. This image was drawn by somebody on a My Little Pony fan art community and honestly, I don't like it. It should not exist. This image has no right to be real but yet here we are. So yes, I put this weird looking thing onto billboards, in government buildings, at iconic landmarks, you name it. This is because I'm so pained to have seen this stupid thing that now I've decided to make it YOUR problem.

  If you donate to our campaign, we'll move to add more billboards of this wretched thing to other states and other counties. Soon all of America will suffer. "Oh, no! A toilet horse! My day is RUINED" they'll say. I'll LAUGH.

  If you don't want to give us your money but still want to support the cause, consider printing out a copy of this picture (FOUND AT THE LINK HERE) and putting it up somewhere that someone might regret seeing it. Post a picture of your work online with the hashtag #MyBrainIsMissing or #MyBloodIsMadeOfMilk on your favorite social media.

Frequently asked questions:

"Why does it say Missing above her head?" Simple. When I first saw this picture, I asked myself "how do I make this image more odd? How can I make it seem like there's an attempt at sincerity?" Simple. Add the word "Missing" and no further context.

"Who is the original artist?" A very proud and noble warrior by the name 'Devon T. Art' who has six purple hearts and a dream to not cry himself to sleep every night after getting fired from Taco Bell at 19 years of age. Hard times, nobody understands his pain. He's not open for commissions at this time.

"What, are you out of your mind?" Friend, I just spent a fortune to put this garbage on a billboard. Are you really asking that?

"Why didn't you put something funny on the billboard? You know, to spread love and joy?" THERE IS NO LOVE AND JOY. WELCOME TO AMERICA.

"This is a question. Respond to it in a quipy way that has a weak punch line?" RESPONSE MEANT TO FURTHER AGENDA of wacky wackiness and wacky tendencies BECAUSE GOODNESS DARN BE HECKED this is REALLY SOMETHING, INNIT???

Please give me your money so I can continue my campaign of gross injustice.